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Fare, Huahine

We made some progress on the project list but not necessarily the ones we planned. The wind was a little too strong to drop the head sail so I did a few other minor items. Later in the afternoon John from Nakia popped by. They’d been in Huahine for a week and was able to provide a few tips including letting us know about the Happy Hour ashore starting at 5:30pm. We were planning to go ashore so we agreed to meet with him again at the bar.

The bar turned out to be really nice and we ended up staying for a couple of beers before we headed out to look for something to eat. We found a group of roadside food vans and while choosing which one to eat at we met up with Dan and Suzie, an Australian couple, who were holidaying on the island. We ended up chatting with them while eating our very decently priced steak and fries and eventually ended up inviting them back to the boat to share some wine and conversation.

Today the plan is to walk to Maeva (about 4 miles) and visit the archaeological site there. Perhaps we’ll get the sail done this afternoon.

Pig Roast

We went diving again in the morning with Sherry and David from Soggy Paws. This time we went west of the pass. The dive wasn’t as good as the previous day but fun in the clear water all the same.

In the afternoon I did a little fishing off the back of the boat. I caught a unicorn fish with bits of bacon then using the flesh of the fish managed to catch another. Getting bored towards the end I stuck a big hook on the end of my hand line and put the rest of my first catch on it. Within a few minutes I had hooked a shark – I saw it take the bait in the crystal clear water. It didn’t take long to snap the 80lb line. Not sure what I would have done with it if I’d managed to get it in so I guess that was for the best.

In the evening we went ashore for dinner again. This time it was a pig roast. A pig had been slaughtered in the morning which some cruisers heard and some watched. We all brought rum and juice ashore to make punch. At times in the evening Valantine played the ukulele and sang accompanied by her late mother’s boyfriend (hanger on) playing the guitar. The evening was their anniversary celebration so it was sort of ours too. The food was good. With us ashore were the Jacksters, Anthem, Soggy Paws, Nakia and a couple of French boats.

Lying here this morning I here the wind generator spinning more than it has for some time. We are not due to leave until tomorrow. We have been invited to church this morning where Valentine is the minister which could be interesting. We still have to scrape the weed off the hull so although the wind tempts us to go we may stick to our plan to leave for Tahiti tomorrow.