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Au Revoir to John

In the morning we caught the bus into Pape’ete. On the way the bus passed the airport so we had an idea of where to get off later in the day. Our first stop was a dentist as one of Helen’s filling had come loose. The dentist agreed to see Helen shortly so we agreed a rendezvous with John so he could have a wonder around town. We waited an hour and a half for Helen’s appointment during which time we looked at the pictures in almost all the French National Geographics and Paris Matches on the table.

We met back up with John and walked off to the duty free wine store. We met up with Jim and Kent from Sea Level (who had won the rally/race to Moorea) as we waited for the store to open after lunch. There were some interesting things to buy but in the end we left without buying anything. If we bought duty free wind we’d only be able to open it when we left French Polynesia and we already have plenty in bond (from the customs visit in Fatu Hiva) which we can open when we leave.

With nothing else to do we caught the bus back to the Carrefour and picked up some provisions for Helen and I to survive the next couple of weeks.

Back on the boat we had a couple of hours to spare before we were back out to the bus stop opposite the Carrefour. We had to wait 3/4 of an hour for the next bus which didn’t matter in the end as when we reached the airport, the check in line was only just about to open. Once John’s luggage was checked in we left the airport and went to a Chinese restaurant for our last meal together.

Then it was back to the airport for our goodbyes. Who knows when we’ll next see John but it could be Australia for a number of reasons.

Helen and I walked back to the marina which took about 45 minutes in all. When we pick up Ben in 2 weeks time we now know how long it will take. Walking is certainly more predictable than the bus.

Weather permitting we’ll be heading south this morning to find somewhere a little less crowded than here. We have a few boat jobs we need to do. The batteries need topping up which will take a while. The port bilge alarm has gone back to going off every few hours and I suspect the shaft seal needs more grease.

It’s sad to see John go but it’s also nice to have the boat to ourselves. We’ll have to make the most of the next 2 weeks.