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Final Grenada tracks

This is our last set of tracks from Grenada.  It overlaps a little with the previous tracks as it starts from our leg from Trinidad.  Parts this had to be reconstructed from memory as we lost some of the tracks towards the end of our stay and out to Margarita.

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Is it me or does this look a little rude?

Left Grenada – Breakfast with dolphins

All went very well. With a lot of help from Mike we cleared customs, picked up our gear, got it aboard Dignity (two dinghy trips) and filled our propane tanks. One last goodbye to Jim, a final provisioning and we were off shortly before 5pm. I did put out the first set of ballyhoos but we didn’t catch anything before we hauled the lines back in when it went dark. We didn’t reach where I really wanted to fish as the winds fell to about 10 knots. A couple of times overnight we ended up motoring due to light winds but most of the night we have sailed.

Los Tostegas is currently in sight. For the last hour or two we’ve been followed by dolphins. At one point, while having breakfast, we were surrounded by about 30.

Winds are still fairly light but we’re managing to sail.


The main event, at least for me, was going to see the “Classic” cricket match in the afternoon. Helen decided to stay aboard and clean up some more while I picked up Jim from Bees Knees to go to see the match. I have to admit as an Englishman this was the first cricket match I have ever watched live and the first I’ve ever watched all the way through. It was a match of 20 overs each so it was not going to be too long a game.

I must also confess to not recognizing most of the names. As far as I could tell there was no match pamphlets so I had to capture the names by taking photos of the score board. The World IX included Andrew Caddick, Stuart Law, Niall O’Brien, Rob Bailey, Craig White, Derek Randall, Devon Malcolm, Peter Such and Nick Cook. The West Indies included Winston Benjamin, Vasbert Drakes, Raul Lewis, Phil Simmons, Keith Arthurton, Sir Viv Richards, F Stephenson and Andre Fletcher. Viv Richards (batsman in picture to right) was about the most recognizable name to me but some of the rest were familiar.

The game concluded with the West Indies beating the World IX by 5 wickets. After the match Jim and I walked back to our dinghy and I dropped him off at the dock where he is now moored again ready to fly to the US next week. Shortly he joined us aboard Dignity for a farewell dinner. Most of the friends we have made down the islands have left Grenada now, Jim is one of the first and last so this was a special Au Revoir. Helen as usual cooked a fine curry which was enjoyed all round.

We finished the evening looking for shooting stars followed by watching an episode of “The Fringe” which we’ve just go into.

That may have been our last evening in Grenada for some time. It all now depends on our being able to get hold of our consignment in time.

Hybrid Sailing

Yesterday was our first proper sail since splashing. Until now we have been motoring the short distances from anchorage to anchorage. Our battery banks were all topped up and the wind was around 14 knots so we had the opportunity for the perfect hybrid sail. This meant we motored out of Prickly Bay silently on the batteries, hoisted the sail, sailed round to St Georges, dropped the sails then motored to our new anchorage silently again on batteries. If we were really, really good sailors we’d weigh and drop anchor without any power but unless we have to, we won’t try that with others around.

First outing of the day was to the local fishing tackle shop – one run by local fisherman. The chap there was more than happy to help. He first took me over the road to the fish market to pick up some ballyhoo for bait. He then showed my how to rig one. We then went through the various hooks I could use and plastic squids. We went straight back to the boat to put the ballyhoo in the freezer, wrapped in sets of three in newspaper.

Next I went to Island Water World to pick up some more 5200 compound so we could fix the final stern bumper rail.

We managed to complete a few small tasks in the afternoon. We fixed hooks in the dive locker so we can now hang our BCDs and regulators. Helen fixed the stern rail while I adjusted the lazy bag and installed the second reef (twice cos I ran the line incorrectly the first time). A few other minor items that escape me.

Today the weather is glorious. The wind has died and the seas gone crystal clear. We are going to watch the cricket this afternoon which should be fun. Its an older players game and should include some famous names from England and the West Indies. This evening were having dinner with Jim as this may be our last night on the island. It will be a special goodbye as Jim was one of the first friends we made back in St Martin and once we leave here our paths will likely take a very long time to recross.

Shore side BBQ

We had a good night out yesterday with Jackie and Mike at their home near Prickly Bay. Mike cooked a great BBQ. Pleasant conversation and beers were the accompanyment.

Earlier in the day Mike had helped me go into town, picking up a crate of beer along the way. We had hoped to clear our boat parts but it turned out for a number of reasons we really needed an agent. We’ve lined one up and will hopefully process and collect our parts on Monday.

Still earlier in the day Helen and I went into town, picked up my Venezuelan visa, collected our mail from Fed Ex and did a little food shopping.

Our head leak is now fixed but it keeps filling. I had thought I could get away with the old joker valve that I had tried replacing on an earlier fix. Probably not a good idea so I’m going to have to pull it apart yet again and put in the new valve that came with the new pump.

Shortly we’ll head round to St Georges and test out the sails. Wind may not be strong enough so we’ll see. Plans for seeing the cricket have been postponed til tomorrow, if we go at all.