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Wednesday on the hard

First job of the day was to move the anchor. It has been sitting on the ground since it was lowered to remove the anchor roller a few days ago. I removed the shackle and carried the anchor away to a safe spot then man handled the chain back onto the boat. This cleared the way for the cradle to be placed under the boat.

Then I started on removing nipples from our through hulls. I paused this work when the yard began lifting Dignity off the ground with the cradle. I realize they wanted to drop the rudders there and then so while we things were being set up I removed the quadrants from the rudder posts and stood by to remove the collars which would allow the rudders to drop. When we were all ready the stern was raised further and I removed the pins holding the rudders in place and out they popped. The cradle was lowered to a more manageable height permitting the work on the keels which should happen Thursday/Friday.

I completed removing all the nipples I wanted and thouroughly inspected the through hulls inside and outside. The good news is that all the valves look fine and the through hull fittings bar the genset raw water output look fine too. Some of the nipples look a little pinkish supporting the view that they should all be replaced. I logged my findings as I went to make sure nothing was missed. As the sanding of the bottom was still in progress the outside inspection was tricky and I’ll repeat that element of the inspection when it’s more convenient just to be sure.

We also learned more about the anticipated cost of the work being carried out. If the actuals come in close to the estimates (which the yard is supposed to be good for) we’ll be coming in under our own private guesstimates. That’s good news.

In the middle of my inspection, Helen and I went out and about looking for parts for another project. The one way dots on our hull windows are a mess. We have a good guide on how to remedy it all but we need a few bits and pieces so we went on the prowl. We spent some time in Bunnings, a Home Depot like store, where I decided to buy a good set of screwdrivers and some ratchet spanners. I guess I was feeling flushed with the news from the estimates. The plexiglass we need for the windows project was too thick so we ordered some thinner panes which should arrive today.

Back at the boat Helen spent some time researching a source for another item required for our window project while I finished the inspection. We were all finished by mid afternoon so we called it a day. Things are grinding to a halt due to the mess from the blue dust. The sanders being used have attached vacuums but still the dust gets everywhere. We decided to visit a couple of boats in the area, Emily Grace and Koncierto but first we had to scrub the blue dust from the bottom of our feet. We have been led to believe that the sanding will now be finished Thursday morning and that we will be lend a power spray to wash down the boat. Thankfully, this horrible phase will soon be over.