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Peter on Troutbridge has arrived safe and well.

Very Quickly

Peter is ok.  See Miracles Do Happen.

Weekend has been too good to have time to blog. But here are the pics for now.

Desperate News

Please read the following link from our friends aboard Callypso.

A Night From Hell

We join Paul & Maureen sending our hopes up into the Pacific for a safe arrival for Peter.

Provisioning Day 2

Friday morning saw us heading back to town. This time the aim was to pick up things that needed to be taken back to the boat moderately quickly, ie. meats and dairy products. This we did and managed to pick up some cava from the extensive cava market on the floor above the fruit and veg market. While out and about I took a few pics of Suva.

In the afternoon I dropped off three of our dive tanks for fills and to have one inspected. They will be ready for collection next Monday before we depart the following morning. I also fixed a light in the guest cabin as the switch had frozen.

In the evening we took Peter from Troutbridge out for a curry downtown at one of the nicer restaurants to make a change from the local cheap but nice cafes he’s been frequenting.

What’s been interesting is we’re starting to bump into 2011 puddle jumpers who are now beginning to arrive in Fiji. These are the advance end of the pack heading for Australia. We feel like old campaigners meeting up with them and sharing experiences.

We have another trip planned into town today. This one is more personal: clothes, souvenirs and gifts. I find this the hardest but hopefully we’ll get through the ordeal.

Busy Day

In the morning I went ashore leaving Helen aboard the boat to reverse some more entropy. My first stop was to check out the fuel dock. It was quite tucked away and shallow and I wanted to be sure we could make it in. After a discussion with the attendant we decided it would be best to come in the afternoon, a couple of hours before high tide, and to reverse in, but not all the way.

I next headed off to the Budget Car Rental place. On the way I spotted Peter from Troutbridge sitting in a cafe. Things are gradually turning around for him and he’s surprisingly upbeat about his misfortune arriving in Fiji. The really good news is that his children’s story book has been accepted for publication which should bring him some income to help him get back up onto his feet.

The car hire company didn’t have a lot of options. The best vehicle for our needs had been verbally booked. They have a 50/50 success rate with verbal bookings and they’ll know whether or not it is actually taken this afternoon.

Most of the morning had gone by the time I returned to the boat. I managed to upload the photos from Gau (active blog readers will need to go back a few entries to see them). We decided to get in our MacDonalds fix for the season so we walked back into town, casing out the remaining supermarkets that we’d failed to reconnoiter the prior day. I was disappointed they had no quarterpounders but two double cheeseburgers and fries went down very well as did Helen’s Big Mac.

Helen had selected the New World supermarket to visit so that we did pickup up our first round of provisions which we boxed and put into a taxi to return to the yacht club. At the club, before returning to the dinghy I asked about a berth for the weekend. It turns out they can shuffle some boats around and make us a space. I also talked to the fuel dock attendant to have the dock cleared of small boats so we could turn up in an hour.

After getting our provisions back to the boat we brought the boat into the fuel dock, spun it around and reversed in. All fueled up we headed back out to the anchorage where I changed the generator oil before quaffing a couple of well earned beers.

We met up with the Jaranas for our evening meal which we ate, quite deliciously, at a local cheapo Chinese cafe, the same one I bumped into Peter earlier in the morning.