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Return to Savusavu

It turned out we’d anchored between Jarana and Sidewinder, both friends of ours. We’d chatted to Jarana the previous evening and ended up with a long VHF chat with Sidewinder in the morning. It would have been nicer to meet face to face but we all had our dinghies up and were planning to leave. Based on our mutual plans, we should meet up along the way.

By mid-morning we were off for the short motor into Savusavu. On the way in we were pleased to see Endless anchored outside the creek and hoped to see Petr while we are here. We also saw Dave aboard Marquesa and waved/shouted that we should meet up later in the day. We’d radioed ahead and were taken to a free mooring ball and soon we were tied on.

We wasted no time and soon had the dinghy dropped and we were in the water. We tied off the dinghy at the Coprashed Marina dock and headed off to customs where we cleared in and collected our charger. We’d been worried that there may be fees but we were pleasantly surprised to find that all they wanted to do was ensure we put it on the boat. The guy that came with us was very polite and offered to help at all opportunities.

Once the charger was on the boat we returned to town to get some cash and a bite to eat. We’d planned on a small lunch but ended up ordering a cheap rice/curry which ended up being a whole meal. Two meals including two cold cans of soda all for $17 local (US$10). Can’t be beat.

On the way back I picked up some fish hooks and leader line as after recent losses I’m now out of these.

Back on the boat I set about the charger. I opened and inspected the replacement charger. One end was bent, presumable from transit, but nothing internally was appeared affected. I switched this with the intact plate from the charger we swapped out last year which we kept.

I then opened up and inspected the existing problem charger and noted all wiring. I went back to the replacement and prepped it to make installation easier. I noted all this and sent the information off to the tech for review before I proceed.

In the afternoon Petr from Endless swung by and we invited him and his crew, Alex, aboard. A couple of beers were had to oil the conversation.

At 5:30 we were back ashore. In the yacht club bar we bumped into the crowd from Ivory Keys and Just in Time (met in the Lau) and sat down with them. It turned out they’d over ordered their pizza and invited us to tuck in. That was dinner solved. As we chatted, the folks from Endless and Marequsa showed up. We never left the bar bar to return to our boats for the night.

Unfortunately I’ve had no overnight response from the tech regarding my email. The swap out is straightforward so I’ve decided to proceed regardless. We did receive more specific information regarding the sex change next February. It’s good that that is progressing.

During the day I did upload some more pictures from Welangilala and Alfred Bay. They can be viewed on those blog entries.

Finally, we’ve been enjoying the recently introduced 3G data service here which makes using the internet much more pleasant than before. This should mean that I’ll be publishing our recent tracks soon. Something I’ve got behind on.

Leaving Daliconi

Before leaving the village we made one final trip ashore to say our goodbyes and to drop of the photos we’d made. Then it was the pleasant but short trip back to the Bay of Islands where we anchored near Sagittarius and De Capo. On arrival we visited both boats sharing our surplus bananas, papayas and bok choy from the abundant gift from the village.

In the afternoon Bob and Lynette from Sagittarius took the older kids from Da Capo out to see the nearby caves and we joined Adrian in his dinghy. We knew there were some around but didn’t know where they were. The first could only be approached at mid tide. There was a ‘porch’ where the two dinghies could be parked where we disembarked and walked into the cave. Using torch light we could see loads of echo locating swallows and a few bats flying around the roof of the cave. The second cave had to be swum into. It wasn’t so big but was pretty cool to briefly explore.

We ended up on Da Capo for the evening and somehow drank more than we intended – how does that happen? We had a good evening getting wrapped up in some heated economic discussion. Given our state of minds I’m not sure if anyone learned anything useful.

We are definitely leaving here shortly. Our goal is Welangilala 27nm to our north where we’ll stay for a couple of nights.