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Last Day in Savusavu

My morning trip to the DVD store went well. I took Helen’s notebook PC with out vodafone stick and went through their catalog of movies. I checked each movie I half liked the look of on IMDB and if the score was somewhere above 5.5 I asked the assistant to find and play the DVD. Some were rejected due to being in a foreign language and one was English but had a different movie’s subtitles on it. No good. However, I ended up with 48 movies, mostly from 2010 and 2011 to watch.

After lunch we went ashore for our 1 hour massages. I went first allowing me to use the time when Helen was having her fun to clear out with customs which were closed during the first session. I felt pretty good after mine having fallen asleep for the last few minutes.

With customs all sorted out I showered then waited for Helen supping a nice cold beer.

Later in the evening we went ashore for our last curry here. It wasn’t spectacular but it was cheap. We returned to the bar where we joined the Ivory Keys, Just in Times for a while. Petr and Alex from Endless passed through and we agreed to meet them later at the Back Deck restaurant where they had live music. When we turned up the music was the ubiquitous guitar/ukelele trio they have here in Fiji. We had dessert and beers sharing the table with the couple from Infinity 3 as well as Endless.

We ended up on Endless chatting about our various plans. One result of this is we’ve changed our plans for today. We’re only going as far as the Jean-Michel Cousteu resort and will pick up Petr and Alex on the way. We’ll spend the day snorkeling the area, perhaps with the hookah too and finish off with a BBQ. Petr enticed us with a rack of lamb ribs which were impossible to resist.