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Martinique / St Lucia (part 1) track

And here are the tracks for our recent days in Martinique and St Lucia (for the first time). As before, the entry and exit into the section are coloured red. I have coloured the section of the trip with our guests in yellow.

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Back in Rodney Bay

After a very gentle crossing we are now back in Rodney Bay, St Lucia. We’ve anchored fairly close to the marina inlet to minimize distances to travel to and from the shops. Having said that it’s a bit busy round here with personal watercraft, etc. so we may end up moving in a few days.

When we left Martinique the seas were very, very calm, almost flat. We did get enough wind to sail most of the way but very little regeneration as the boat speed was quite low. We’ve set ourselves just the one boat chore today which will be to clean the deck and surrounds. We have quite a few things to do over the next few days so we’ll keep today fairly light before getting stuck into things.

We’re looking forward to spending some time in one spot and hopefully getting to know a few more of the local transients.

I have eaten three bananas today and we’re going to have banana flambee for desert this evening. We gave a bunch to the guy who came around trying to sell fruit.

Grand Anse d’Arlet (bananas, bananas, bananas)

This is our last stop in Martinique. The winds were very light this morning but we sailed anyway as there was no rush. We anchored fine first time quite close to the dock. The beach is quaint but touristy. The beach front provides plenty of restaurants of which we availed ourselves to rid our wallets of our remaining euros. Checking out took about a minute as I had the files ready.

On our way onto land we popped by a British boat called Tiger Frightener to drop off some bananas. When we were back in Marin we managed to acquire a box of bananas off the back of a lorry for 2 euros. Despite placing the bunches in various parts of the boat they are becoming ripe mostly at the same time. We had hoped they would ripen while our guests were here. While we were able to send them home with a few we still have far too many. Tiger Frightener are also off to St Lucia so we may well meet up with them in a couple of days.


We were up early this morning (4am) to drop our guests ashore for their taxi to the airport. They didn’t have to wait long so at least that part of their journey went well. Having got up neither Helen nor I could go back to sleep so we’re feeling a little tired.

Today has been all shopping and provisioning. We first took a bus to the Galleria Mall outside of Fort-de-France. It very much felt like being back in the USA. We had a list of things to look for. We walked all around the mall and then all around the adjacent area. In the end, we did manage to find a network cable for a reasonable price in a Home Depot like store but nothing else on our list was to be found.

This afternoon we’ve made a couple of trips to the local supermarket to load up on what’s cheap here : cheese, beer and wine. We have quite a lot now on the boat which should last 2-3 months if we’re sensible.

Tonight we’re going to relax, watch a bit of TV and probably go to sleep early. Tomorrow morning we’re off to Grand Anse d’Arlet where we’ll stay a day before heading of to St Lucia on Monday. Plan still remains to stay in Rodney Bay for a few days and do some boat chores and our taxes (yach). Then we’ll head down the coast and see some of the places we recently passed by.

Last Supper

Tonight we had our last supper with our guests aboard Dignity. Being Friday, it was of course curry. In order to get to the airport we’re back again anchored off Fort-de-France. It’s been a good day here as the strike is really and definitely over. The shops are open, in particularly the supermarkets. We’ve begun loading the boat with the provision that are cheap here: wine, beer and coffee.