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Not a lot

We went food shopping this morning. Cathy and Werner popped by to collect some yogurt culture and drop off a copy of an interesting TV series on tribes. We had a mutual chat about destinations as they’re off north next. Tero from the other Lagoon 420 popped by with some news from Martinique as we’re both heading that way. Andy from Drimia popped round for a bit more PC support. Nice to have his company. Rest of the day we’ve been reading and aching.

Indian River

Last night we welcomed aboard Tero and Anna from Karibia – the other Lagoon 420 Hybrid anchored near us. It was good to get to know them and share notes. They’ve been here for 3 weeks. They had intended on visiting Guadeloupe but the general strike has made them decide to stay here longer.

This morning at 7am Alexis came by to pick us up for our morning trip to the Indian River. Six of us were involved in total. Joining us for the trip were Emmy and Brian from Avalon and Jane and Andy from Drimia.

The first stop was the local market. At that time of the morning the selection was broad and good food could be acquired. Having bought loads of fruit and eggs for less than US$10 we reboarded Alexis’ boat (which involved getting our feet wet – incidental detail) for our trip up the river. Before getting to the river Alexis pointed out the various wrecks along the waterfront – all a result from past Hurricanes including a few from Omar which nearly went over Dignity in the BVIs last October.

The river ride was very, very good. We’d chosen to go early to avoid any rush so we were the first set up people up the river. It was nice to have it to ourselves. We were able to see the place where they build (then tore down) the voodoo ladies hut in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. We’re now going to have to watch the movie to see if we recognize the place.

Alexis would point out various wildlife and plants and made the trip very entertaining. The river was narrower and more lush that the one we dinghied up in Guadeloupe. Alexis had to row most the way as outboards are forbidden on the river. This made it extra quiet. At the furthest extent of the trip there was a bar in the jungle where we could walk around, have a fruit punch and be shown more flora by Alexis. As ever, here are the pics of the trip.

Now we’re back on the boat and it’s not yet 11. We have some further things planned for today. Shortly I’m off to Drimia to take a look at Andy’s sat phone hookup to his computer. This afternoon Helen and I will take a look at the town. Tomorrow we’re up early again to go hiking with Brian and Emmy. Then we’ll need a day or two off from all this hard work.

Footnote. Had some success with Andy and Jane’s sat phone set up and his PC/GPS hookup. Nice to be able to pay forward just a little of the help we’ve had from other cruisers.