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Case Pilote

This evening we are anchored in Case Pilote, just down the road (or sea lane) from St Pierre. It’s a small fishing village with a couple of shops. Certainly not as picturesque as St Pierre but nice all the same.

Yesterday afternoon Helen and I spent some time aboard Northern d’Light a Lagoon 420 owned by a Canadian couple: Dave and Linda. As always, it was nice to compare notes. They’re moving through the islands quicker than we are so there’s only a small chance of meeting again. Fingers crossed as they were a nice couple.

Last night we ate ashore at L’Escapade. We all ordered steak dinners but they only had enough meat for four. They offered duck as an alternative for the same price. Jim and I played the gallant hero’s and forwent our steaks for similarly sized duck. Hard being a hero.

This morning we all went ashore for shopping and sight seeing. Helen and I made two trips, the first including our formally checking back into Martinique. On each trip we picked up a number of cheap bottles of French wine. You can indeed get wine for under $3 a bottle here in Martinique now that the stores are open. We need to buy in a lot more before we leave.

Helen and I walked up to a statue of the Virgin Mary which looked down on the bay and of course took a number of pics. Given that we haven’t had internet on the boat since Rodney Bay we are still unable to upload. A number of our passengers were getting desperate for their email so had to visit the internet cafe to catch up. And I thought I was bad.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Trois Islets area and the following evening we’ll anchor off Fort-de-France so that our guests can leave early Saturday morning. Helen and I will then make our way to Rodney Bay where we’ve decided to catch up on our boat chores before exploring St Lucia in a bit more detail.

All aboard are well. The weather is great and we’re having a good time.