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Grenadines Tracks

Here are our tracks through the Grenadines.

View 2009 Grenadines in a larger map

Baliceaux, The Grenadines

Well – here we are in The Grenadines – our stomping ground for the next five months. The journey from St Lucia was characterized by the low winds – around 8 knots – and the counter current of around 1.5 knots. That meant we motor sailed at least half the way which was not what we were hoping for.

The trip started with some excitement as just as we were leaving our last nights anchorage we snagged a line attached to some floats. I thought we had room to pass but the line was floating on the water for a way. To avoid a fouled prop I stopped the engines then quickly put on my facemask and snorkel and jumped in the water. Fortunately the line was snagged around the rudder and not the prop and fortunately too I happened to be wearing my swimming shorts. I was able to haul the line off the rudder before coming up for air despite it being quite tight.

Bees Knees were just about an hour behind us most of the way. They managed to spot whales in the Bequia Channel but we missed them.

We are now anchored off the north end of Beliceaux. It is easy to see why it is uninhabited as the coast is steep to and crumbly. It is rugged and lonely. The area is a bit like an expanded BVI. The nearby islands of Bequia and Mustique are quite visible as is St Vincent. There is a larger island to the south which may be Grenada. I’ll need to check this. (NOTE: It was Canouan). Bees Knees have anchored about a mile to the south.

For now it is good night as we’re quite tired. But first it’s time to watch and toast a glorious sunset.


Where’s the wind?

We set off this morning shortly after 6am. The strongest winds we’ve seen have been 12 knots out of the ESE. That is just ok to get our Code Zero out and for a few hours that pulled us along. Now the winds have dropped to 6 knots and with a knot and a half current against us we can no longer sail. For now we are motor sailing and hoping the wind will pick up.

We have four lines out again. No fish so far. I’m seeing a pattern emerging here.