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After blogging yesterday we shifted the boat just over a mile north to a little cove called Corbay. In one respect it is nice as it is pretty secluded. There is one other boat here but we’re sufficiently far enough apart to feel on our own. The down side is that the bay is configured as a works landing for the building work on the northern part of the island. If one averts ones eyes from the piles of sand, the diggers and the rough ships landing everything is fine.

The principal goal of coming here was to dive on the reef which we did. Our anchorage was near enough to the reef to deploy the hookah from the boat. Much less hassle than off the dinghy. We had an interesting dive. Plenty of coral but much of it damaged. Quite a few fish but nothing overly exciting.

Shortly, we are off to Admiralty Bay, Bequia some 20nm to the north.


We’ve been ashore twice now. Yesterday was to provision. Not a lot to say except for we’re anchored outside the Tamarind Beach Hotel which is very pleasant. As cruisers we get to walk by/through these places without having to incur the cost of staying. We also get the same, if not better, view.

We took a few pics as ever.

Today was a different affair. The plan was to go ashore, walk the east road up to the north end of the island and climb the peak. If we felt fit after doing this we would walk all round the north end of the island before returning.

Things didn’t go quite to plan but we still had a good walk. The early part of the walk afforded us an excellent view to the south.

We could see (left to right) Carriacou, Tobago Cays, Grenada and Mayreau in front of Union. Fabulous sight.

From there the plan fell began to deviate. We found a path leading up to a hill peak we hadn’t planned on climbing but we climbed it anyway. There was some evidence of earlier fortification including a canon. Back on the east road we walk north only to come to some gates preventing further travel. So back south we went and took the west road to the north. Along the way we saw a number of wild tortoises (they looked quite calm really) including one large one that looked like it had been recently run over.

We eventually came upon the front entrance to the Raffles resort which owns the north end of the island. We enquired whether or not we could climb the peak only to discover we had to take an official tour for US$25 each and the next one was tomorrow.

We decided this was not for us so, having to anyway, we headed back to the boat. We’re now advancing our plans a bit. We’re going to move Dignity north up the coast to a place we can dive and get the Hookah out this afternoon.

Here are our tracks of our walk and pictures. Enjoy.

View 2009 Canouan Walkabout in a larger map

Arrived in Canouan

We left Tobago Cays this morning, hoisted the sails before leaving the bay and had a brisk but short sail here to Canouan. I put out one of the fish I’d caught as bait. As we were doing around 7 knots through the water the only effect was to further disembowel the critter and rip it’s eyes out leaving it looking like some small monster. Oh well.

Not much more to say other than we did go ashore yesterday seeing fewer iguanas than last time but spotting three tortoises. Below are two albums from the Cays – one above and one below water. Enjoy.

PS. Good news. The port shaft seal leak has NOT returned after our sail.

Plans changed again

New itinerary for next week or two :

1. Round corner to Friendship Bay via Petit Nevis
2. Mustique
3. World’s End Reef, Tobago Cays
4. Canouan
5. Mayreau
6. Union Island

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