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Grenadines Tracks

Here are our tracks through the Grenadines.

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After settling down in Saltwhistle Bay, Helen and I decided to chance the weather and walk the road into town – back to Saline Bay from where we had just come. The road is only a mile or so with a few hundred feet to climb along the way. We’d heard that there were a number of festivities planned for the May Day weekend and were keen to see how they were progressing. At the top of the hill was a quaint church with views of the Tobago Cays. At least there would have been views if not for the wind and drizzle which was slowly getting us wetter and wetter.

In town we passed a number of restaurants and decided we would definitely eat out in the evening although we hadn’t made our minds up which place to go. Down on the beach things were only just being set up so we turned around and walked back to the boat hoping for better weather later.

We chatted to Bees Knees on the VHF and agreed a plan. We were to leave for town again at 4pm, go to the beach and then have a ‘bar crawl’ and dinner out. The afternoon was hot, humid and sleepy doing not much more than a reading and finishing a crossword.

When we all got to the beach we saw the locals congregating and may pole dancing to Caribbean music. An interesting combination. They certainly seemed to be having fun. We had a couple of beers on the beach before heading back up the road through town for our ‘crawl.’ The first problem was that all the staff were down at the beach so nothing was open until 6pm. We were able to sit upstairs at one of the bars while we waited for the staff to show. When they did we had rum cocktails.

We decided on dinner at Denis’s. We all had fish creole which was cooked fresh and was utterly delicious. It took a while to cook so we used the time wisely sampling a new cocktail list.

Walking back was a bit of a stagger but we made it. Overnight it rained a lot and now it is drizzling and overcast. Reminds me of England.

Today we will probably sail over to Union. We’re in need of fresh food as we’ve run out of fruit, etc. With the holiday weekend upon us we need to go today or wait until Tuesday.

Saltwhistle Bay

We sailed to Saline Bay but found the smell coming of the salt pan unpleasant. So we’ve moved to Saltwhistle Bay to figure out what next. No internet. No pics from the Cays today.

Plans changed again

New itinerary for next week or two :

1. Round corner to Friendship Bay via Petit Nevis
2. Mustique
3. World’s End Reef, Tobago Cays
4. Canouan
5. Mayreau
6. Union Island

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