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Burger Night Out

This was a lot of fun. Got to meet a bunch of folks who are either settling in for the summer or preparing to leave the Caribbean for the summer season. We bumped into the folks from Mimi and Catalyst who we last saw in Carriacou and ate our burger & fries with them. Another inexpensive night out all reinforcing our belief summer will be a lot of fun here. We bumped into Devi and Hunter from Artic Tern who we last saw on the beach in the Tobago Cays. We recognised some from last Sunday’s beach BBQ and no doubt some more of the faces will be known over time. Anne & Jim from Bees Knees were there but we all managed to find time for everyone else.

The cooks, Rene & Cherryl, who are cruisers helping out also run a fish & chips night every other Friday. If we don’t make this coming Friday we must make the one in two weeks time.

As ever, when we’re having the most fun I forget to take photos. Oops.

Today we have some calls to make and make our last on line orders for things to collect in NJ. In a few minutes Helen will be off with Anne for yoga at Clark’s Court Bay Marina hosted by Devi from Arctin Tern. Later we will move the boat to explore more of the possibilities to the west of us. Today we’ll certainly look at Mt Harmon Bay where we may stop for the night. To the west of that is Prickly Bay which is a real cruiser hub and there’s also True Blue Bay which has some moorings we could possibly use too.

Off to Grenada Mainland

Last night we went out to eat at the Lambi Queen. A lot of cruisers had turned up there as a result of a marketing exercise (someone going around in a boat earlier in the day) so it was lively. We shared a table with two other cruising couples: Gabe & Kathleen from Catalyst and Marcia & Keith from Mimi. Food was good. Company was better.

We’re off to Grenada fairly soon. We realize we’ve posted no photos of Carriacou but we will do on our return. We need to swing by early June to pick up our new dinghy cover.