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Waterfalls, Sulphur and Provisioning – a day out with friends

Yesterday was our car hire day. Jo and George from Sutton Ho had agreed to go in with us so we had good company throughout the day.

We left the boat just before 8 and picked up Jo and George. We dinghied ashore to await the car hire chap who was supposed to drop of the car at the dock at 8am. I guess 8:20 is close enough – particularly island time. Contrary to expectations set we had to go into the office and do some paperwork which slowed us down a bit more. His printer wasn’t working so to prevent him having to hand write the forms I fixed it for him.

Soon we were off. Our first stop was Emerald Pool which we reached with just the one wrong turn. Emerald Pool is one of the national park locations and as with most, it is quite accessible and part of the tourist route. We arrived just after a coach load of cruise ship folks. Knowing that they would be rushed in and out we took our time and soon had the area to ourselves. It was about a 15 minute walk to the waterfalls / pool. The water was cool but very refreshing to dip into. The guides always tell visitors that dipping in these pools takes 10 years off you. Jo, who has been cruising for a few years, has heard this and done this a number of times so she’s pretty close to being reborn.

The path back to the car led us to a couple of view points one of which we could see out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Next we headed in the direction of Trafalgar Falls near Roseau. On the map it showed there were some sulphur springs nearby and on the internet I had found you could visit a number of them if you visited a place/resort called the Rainforest Shangri-La. We also figured we’d look for a lunch spot around there.

Again, it took only one wrong turn to find our way to the vicinity. We found the Rainforest Shangri-La first and decided to go in. The place was a little mountain retreat with a few bamboo huts, a yoga area, a massage hut and a number of hot tubs fed by water heated by geothermal activities. They offered tours of the grounds where we got to see a number of bubbling pools, steaming caves and sulphurous exhalations. We quite enjoyed this as we really had no expectations on this.

We found a delightful place to eat but unfortunately this required reservations. Nearer to the falls themselves we stopped off at another place which was almost as nice and had lunch.

Trafalgar Falls were quite impressive and had a surprise. There are actually two falls which meet shortly after their respective bases. There are no pools to swim in but the real surprise was a hot spring which ran through sevaral pools in which you could sit. Not having had a bath for over three months I was keen to dip myself in.

We did have the possibility lined up of a third set of falls but by then we didn’t have the time so we headed into Roseau for a big provisioning. In under two weeks we’ll be meeting our friends in Martinique. The strike is still on there and while we are hearing that food can be bought in the towns away from the capital we are taking no chances. Having the hire car was an execellent opportunity to buy in a lot of food that will keep. The freezer and cupboards are now pretty full. Now all we need to do is top off what we have in preparation for our friends visit.

Back at the boats and having dropped everything off we popped round to Sutton Ho for evening tipples before heading back to Dignity to have our dinner and fall asleep. All in all a good day made all the better for the company we had.

I’ll leave you with a video montage and the inevitable pictures.

YouTube Preview Image


Day 2 of the carnival wasn’t a great deal to write about. We went along to see things in Portsmouth around 3pm and found it much the same as before. We stayed in for the evening.

Today we went to customs to extend our stay and then took a walk around Ross University, an American Medical University. We had lunch at some small snack huts there. This evening we had George and Jo aboard for drinks. They were one of the couples we met on the island tour. They will join us tomorrow as we go to visit some falls in a hire car. Should be fun.

I’ve just got in from spying Comet Lulip in my binoculars. Lovely clear night and the heavens are shining. Lulip is at closest approach. You can see it as a smudge with the naked eye and can see a nucleus and a bit of a tail in the binoculars.

Off to Blighty

The clock is counting down to our trip to the Uk this evening. We have a few last things to sort out before we go but this should be manageable. We’re meeting Ben and Sam before we leave. Ben will come with us to the airport and take the van back to look after for the two and a bit weeks we’re away.

We’ve already lined up a number of visits to family and friends and still have a few more to sort out. Helen has her Birthday on Sunday so we’ll have some family together for that. And we’ll have a good old British Curry. Mmmmmmm.

On the boat front we have finally ordered the head sail (a Code Zero) from Florida and a watermaker (we went for the Catalina 300) out of St Martin.

I’ve often read the blogs of folks in their pre cruise departure phase. One of the common themes is the list of things to do that never gets any shorter. You can now add us to the list of folks who have lists that don’t get shorter.

WFR Training Complete

The training is complete but it’s not yet over. Today, all we have left is our 100 question multiple choice exam to take as well as a practical test involving a mock patient. Last night we all spent time revising our materials before going out for a curry.  After dinner we packed our rucksacks ready for our canyon hike which begins early tomorrow morning.  Once it is all finished today we’ll be heading straight up to the canyon.  We’ll spend tonight on the rim before heading down very early in the morning.

In the meantime, here is a video of our CPR training early in the course to the sounds of “Another One Bites the Dust”

YouTube Preview Image

First Video from February Trip

I haven’t been able to organize photo / video media yet nor have we reviewed our blogs for missing items. However, here is one video that stands on it’s own. We filmed this while Helen and I were snorkeling off Loblolly Bay, Anegada.

YouTube Preview Image