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Bear Mountain

This morning Helen and I took a hike up Bear Mountain in NY state – a warm up for our Grand Hiking later this month.  I’m glad we did this as my feet have not worn hiking boots enough recently and my heels are now blistered.  Hopefully they will stiffen up over the next two weeks.  While we’re in Flagstaff we’ll put in a few extra walks to build us up for the big one.

Helen & Steve on the crest of Bear Mountain

Click on the picture for slide show.

First Day Out – Seventeen Too

Today we were invited out by a friend of Anne’s to spend a little time on their powerboat “Seventeen Too”.  Anne, John, Helen and I met up with Amy and Bob Katz at Liberty Marina just before noon.  Already with them were their friends Britt and Steve.  Shortly we were joined by Rowena and Rico.  The boat, a Carver 570, was awesome – far more splendid than we imagined.

We thought we might be taken out into the Hudson, round a bit and then back to the marina.  What we were treated to was a trip up the East river round the top of Manhattan, up the Hudson to a couple of miles north of the Tapanzee Bridge (close to Sing Sing) and then back down the Hudson to the Statue of Liberty and then back into the marina.  This all took a bit over four hours.  Along the way we had rolls and fruit to eat with a little beer and wine to wash it down.

At the beginning of the trip we got to see the recently constructed water sculptors around the south end of Manhattan.  You can see a few photos of these in the clips below.  The view of Manhattan is quite different from the water.  Helen and I have never been up the East River further than Hellgate.  I was quite surprised how green the north end of Manhattan Island is.  The trip up the Hudson to the Tapanzee Bridge took us alongside the Palasaides – rocky cliffs along the west shore.  Again, I was quite surprised how green they were and the total lack of any man made objects.  Just looking we wouldn’t know we were just a few miles from one of the busiest cities on the planet.

Our very big thanks to Amy and Bob for inviting us out on the river.  An excellent start to this next phase of our lives.  Our “First Day Out.”