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Going nowhere fast

Because of the forecast rain we decided to delay hauling Dignity until Monday.  We’re still in Clarke’s Court Bay rapidly doing not a lot.

Katherine and Dave from Lista Light came over Thursday evening to have a look around and pick up the final two batteries.  We shared some wine before dinghying over to their boat with the batteries.  Lista Light is a 75 year old wooden boat having a project list a little longer than ours.

Yesterday we bussed into town for food.  While there I had my cell phone unlocked.  Been meaning to do this for ages.  Rest of the day was just lounging around.

Today we may motor round to St David’s. Or maybe we’ll go tomorrow.  We may or may not go to the hash.  Maybe.  Kind of sums up our mood.

On the electric front last Thursday was a record.  We made 279Ah from the solar panels over the entire day.  Never seen it this high.  In the past our ability to make solar energy was capped by the battery capacity.  We don’t have that problem now.

Update on the dinghy leak.  Turned out our earlier efforts didn’t fix it.  The assumption was that the dinghy was filling from beneath so our earlier test suggested that it was not leaking from underneath following our “fix”.  Now we reckon the ingress may be from above.  Did a test last night.  I opened the lower bung to let the water out and, with the forecast rain, anticipated testing it this morning to see if it had filled up.  Would have helped if I put the bung back in!!!!

Life in the slow lane

The brakes seem to have gone on and life has slowed down a bit. Some do say that this is what we should have been like all along. Maybe.

Not that nothing has happened since I last blogged. We had a good evening with Mike and Jackie a couple of days ago. It was their first time on a dinghy so we had the usual fun associated with uncertainty. But no one ended up in the drink although the opposite did happen a few times. (Note – they do advertise the local AA on the net in the mornings but I don’t think we have that big a problem)

Yesterday we moved round to Clarke’s Court Bay as part of our gradual migration to St David’s for our haul out – which we’ve now postponed to Monday. Before leaving it was goodbyes with Matt and Karen from Where II. They are heading west next week so it’s highly likely we’ll not meet up again before they go. There’s a strong chance we’ll meet up in Bonaire in November but that’s not certain. They plan to spend more time in the Venezuelan islands than we do so a catch up is possible.

We met up with Jim at the marina burger night yesterday evening. We also met Dianne from Jabulani anchored nearby. She’s on her own and just getting onto her SSB project and can’t get it to work. I agreed to help out so have been round there this morning. We made some progress but Helen and I will go back later this evening when we’re more likely to get a good signal.

This morning I also had a quick chat with the folks on Lista Light who are due to take our last two 4D batteries. They’re pretty busy with a project list that dwarfs ours so they’ll be round at 8 this evening to look round the boat before we all head over and explore theirs.

The only other excitement this morning was being asked to move a little by the barge that moves the garbage as we were anchored in it’s route. Not sure why it couldn’t go around us but we wanted to get to cleaner water to fill the tanks.