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Wrap Up

Overall this was a great trip. At the outset the goal was to learn more about sailing and living on a boat. Some of the lessons were unexpected (like the fire) but all experiences were valuable. It was very helpful having Bob along. Our confidence has grown.

Each stop was very different. Oddly enough, […]

Manhasset Bay to RYC

This was our last day. Key element of planning this leg was to make sure we passed down the East River (east of Manhattan) when the current was in the right direction. At different times of the day the current can be 5 knots down stream or 4 knots up stream.We left at 6:20am made […]

Black Rock to Manhasset Bay

This was another motor sail. We had 35nm to cover to reach Manhasset Bay on the north side of Long Island. Progress was good. We left at 7:07am and arrived 3:05pm. Along the way we got in contact with the previous owners of Timeless (Larry and Laurie) who had their new boat (called Timeless II) […]

Milford to Black Rock

This morning we had breakfast on the boat. I went back to the boatyard to check on the outboard. News wasn’t good. The carburetor needed the clean but the wiring was all corroded internally. This required a replacement part which would cost over $200 and need another day to arrive. Couldn’t wait for this so […]


This was a land day. We spent time reading and went back to the supermarket for more stuff. I tried the outboard again and it started almost straight away. I went to pick up more diesel for Timeless only to have the outboard conk out. After this I could only get it to run for […]