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No doubt about it, the launch of Dignity earlier this week is a monumental milestone. Something that is suddenly tangible in a journey that has so far played out over many years but still has many more to go. Now is a good time to reflect on that journey and how we reached this point.



Totally exciting. I also have a bit more detail on the forthcoming timeline and, for once, it’s beginning to look a bit better than before:

April 19th – ex-factory / exchange April 23rd – launch / commissioning April 30th – hand over to CatCo May 4th – hand over to Reliance captain May 6th/7th – […]

Ex-Factory Day?

I think I might own Dignity now but I can’t be sure. The boating industry is what it is. All I can figure out is that one day you don’t own a boat, a few weeks later you clearly own a boat. For the time in between, it’s all a bit vague.

I finished Blown […]

Officially HAM

I am now officially a HAM as I appeared in the FCC database today. My call sign is KC2RIY. My General license will take a bit longer as I’ve put off studying to read “Blown Away” by Herb Payson. Fun read.


Got some news from the broker today. I now know a little more about what’s ahead:

April 19th – Ex-Factory / Exchange April 23rd – Launch / Commissioning May 2nd – hand over to CatCo May 6th – possible departure from France

Looking like late May / early June for arrival in BVIs.