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Departure Sunday?

I am told the batteries will arrive and be fitted tomorrow (Friday). Possible new departure date is now Sunday. That’s 19 days before we’re due to go to the BVIs ourselves. We’ll be there for three weeks – ie, returning 40 days after Dignity’s new (possible) departure date. I am told it will take 30-35 […]

Spirits low

Spain, day 12. Spirits low.

Engineer coming

Still in Spain. Eleventh day. Lagoon are finally sending an engineer to Spain. Not today of course. My best guess is the engineer will travel tomorrow and weather permitting (and assuming the engineer has all the parts he needs and can fix her) maybe, just maybe, she’ll be off by end of week.

No news

Nothing new today. Boat is still in Spain as of the 11:20am GMT uplink. Not that I was expecting anything different as the weather is not good. Nor has any news filtered through so I don’t know why she’s still there. The part could have been delivered and fitted and she’s just waiting it out. […]

Where is the part?

Another day gone. This morning I had another read through all the emails I have received. Seems Lagoon have only one guy to talk to at Onan and he’s been on training since Tuesday so noone knows how the part was sent. From my perspective I have to wonder IF the part was ever sent. […]