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Day 8 – Full Moon Party

We motored right next door to Trellis Bay on Beef Island for the Full Moon Party. We pretty much chilled at our mooring for the day, preparing ourselves. Later in the evening we went to the party, and I had a fun/bad experience. Throughout the night i was hanging out with Ben and John and […]

Day 8 – Trellis Bay, Full Moon Party

Not much voyaging today. We decided to forgo any interim stops today and headed over to Trellis Bay to secure a decent mooring in time for the evenings Full Moon Party. At the mooring in Trellis Bay we were greeted by a turtle. Not much to say about the daytime as it was spent mainly […]

Day 7 – More BVI

Went to Marina Cay, stayed there for then night. During the day we explored islands and beaches, sailed around and such, and settled down at Nanny Cay. Had some delicious ribs that night, drank some grog (literally…grog) so i was nicely buzzed. Slept well that night.

Day 7 – The Dogs, Marina Cay

A fairly early start had us sailing away from Anegada back to Marina Cay via The Dogs. At the Dogs I dropped Ben, Sam and Leah off on a beach so they could explore for a bit. John and I did some snorkeling. Lunch was sandwiches. We were due to meet our friends at Marina […]

Day 6 – One down, two to go

Dad hired a pickup truck, so we drove around Anegada and checked out a couple beaches. Good snorkeling, nice beaches, pretty chill. Ben went to visit a doctor about his feet, which by the way, are disgusting. Activation of the gag reflux is a good way to describe it. Anyway, its a poison ivy rash, […]