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Photos, audio and charters

Things are getting exciting in a remote sort of way. First off, I now have some photos of Dignity which I’ve posted in the gallery. These were taken only today so they’re hot off the press.

I was also doing a little surfing today for marine audio equipment. Reason being is that I really liked […]

Webcam 2

I think I made a mistake on Saturday. Looking again, I reckon the boat with the blue circle was not a 420. The one just above it in the picture looks more like one.

Looking today, the one above has left the marina. As Knot on Call is scheduled out this week, I reckon that […]

Picasa Picture Galleries

Today I have been playing around with Google Picasa picture gallery. Some great features. As of now I am uploading the majority of our pictures. You can see a mini slide show and link to the main gallery from my Gato Chateau log. I’ve had to break it down into three separate weeks due to […]

Dignity on Nanny Cay Webcam

Dignity arrived in Nanny Cay yesterday. Over the weekend the delivery crew will be cleaning her up following the Atlantic passage and handing her over to CatCo. CatoCo will then inspect her for any issues as well as receive a report from the captain. Any issues will be dealt with through the manufacturer. At that […]

Entering Virgin Waters?

Would have been cool to see Dignity’s latest position. Today, we should have seen her crossing the Anegada passage but I didn’t get the uplink. By now she should be settled down in Virgin Gorda.