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Lagoon 420 Owner Links

I received the feedback from the first charterers earlier this week. There were some detailed observations which were useful and mostly not too surprising for a new boat. The headline comment was “Had a Great Time” which is what counts above all. Good to be in business. On my links page I now have two […]

National Hurricane Center

So the new unnerving spectator sport (apart from watching the world stock markets gyrate) is Hurricane watching. The National Hurricane Center is now my must watch website. Hurricane Dean is currently whistling through the Caribbean. It’s fallen south of the BVIs so Dignity will be ok. This time. It already feels like being under fire […]

Looking Ahead

Not a lot to say at the moment. Looking ahead, I am looking forward to getting feedback from Dignity’s first charter. CatCo rest up their fleet through September and during that time maintenance and enhancements can be performed. I am hoping to receive their wisdom so we can plan our next steps.

First Charter

Dignity’s first charter begins today.

Flights Booked

Flights are now booked for next February. Options were dwindling fast. In the space of one week a number of the better options had disappeared so I’m glad we’re locked in with flights that get us to the islands before it’s late in the evening. We’ll be taking a couple of good friends with us […]