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Atlantic Fare

Tito – the owner of Lagoon 420 #42, Sea Si, is currently crossing the Atlantic as part of the ARC fleet. His logs make very interesting reading.

Happy Thanksgiving

Just spent the last couple of hours copying my log of our BVI trip to this new location. Soon, I will copy over Sam’s log entries. The neat thing is you can now use the categories function to narrow down. For now, you can select the BVI 2007 category and see just those log entries. […]

New Blog

So here is a new blog format. I’ve installed a free service from b2evolution and copied the last two months entries. In time, I’ll copy my earlier posts.

Looking for Wireless

During our last trip to the BVIs I had modest success with a Belkin USB Wireless aerial. Unfortunately (and probably as a result of the disposal of some Caribs) I left it out overnight and it got wet and subsequently did not work. So I’ve been keeping my eye out for a replacement. Right now, […]


Just wanted to acknowledge and say “Thanks” to those folks who have left us feedback messages. I started this site to familiarize myself with managing a website as this would be our primary means of communicating our experiences to friends and family once we head off. It’s encouraging to know that people are already viewing […]