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Lagoon 420 wins Eco award

Congrats to Lagoon for winning the Royal Thames Mansura Eco award. Follow this link for story.

Back Home

We’re back home now after an uneventful journey home. Blogs will be brought up to date shortly. I also intend to review the blogs already made, fill in the gaps, add pics and make corrections. Watch out for changes.

Day 8 – Going Home

No rush to get up this morning. Eventually we picked ourselves out of bed and picked off some of the remaining food. John and I took the dinghy round to The Caves to get some last minute wet time. The fish were abundant and we even bumped into Bert the Barracuda who is a pretty […]

Day 7 – Norman Island – Part II

We all headed off to Pirates for dinner. Appetizers was a round of Painkillers. Do we sound like a stuck record? We had a perfect seat facing the bay which we put down to an early booking. The food was good and I seem to remember ordering another round of appetizers.

After dinner we went […]

Day 7 – Norman Island

I woke up this morning looking out of my window at the beach. I’m going to miss this.

We got up very slowly this morning. We didn’t set sail until 10am. I was keen to get over the channel as it looked like rain was coming in. We did indeed miss it and as we […]