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Sea Si on YouTube

For those of you who had trouble accessing the rather good video of Sea Si’s Atlantic crossing, here it is again as three separate YouTube clips.

Trip to Arizona

We’ve worked out a few more details for our trip to Arizona later this year where the principal aim is for the family to take our Wilderness First Responder medical training. The overall trip will be just over two weeks to fit between the end of Ben (older son’s) summer classes (some complex biochemistry course […]

Further shortwave experiences

I have been playing around practically every day since my last blog. I’ve been trying to see how far away I can establish a WinLink (email) contact. My best so far is the Cayman Islands which is 1,300 nm away. While I technically knew this all along I am beginning to appreciate antenna orientation. As […]

KC2RIY is on now the air – official

If you’re reading this then I have successfully managed to send an email blog via shortwave. It is something of a triumph and a thrill to have got this far. Just a recap of what it took to get this far.

* I had to set up a website : * I had to […]

Pactor in the house

The Pactor modem arrived today. Not had a great deal of time to play. I have installed the drivers onto my laptop and installed and set up airmail. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have a go connecting it to the M802 and see if I can email over the airwaves. The Pactor also hints at handling weatherfaxes […]