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We’re Off

I have a big confession to make. I’ve been holding back sharing the biggest news possible. Back in early February we made the big decision. This is the year we’re going to move aboard Dignity and begin our travels. This is year 0.

Our original intention was to review our situation while aboard Dignity in […]

Arizona trip further defined

At the beginning of April I faxed off requests for back country permits for the Grand Canyon. The desire was to go hiking / camping in the canyon following our medical training in August. Last weekend the permits arrived so we’re good to go. I’ve now also booked a couple of rim top rooms (without […]

New Antenna

Now that the business of selling the house is behind us I was allowed (by the future Admiral) to put up another antenna. I wanted to create one perpendicular to the line to the Caribbean so I could pick up the Carib nets. The results were disappointing. I reckon the nets are at a time […]


Well not sold really. We’re close to the end of attorney review having accepted one of two offers on our home. House is now *off* the market. Less than two weeks all in all. Not quite what we expected.

More Tracks

My GPS arrived today and I got my data. With no ado, I have updated days 4-8 of our Feb trip with the tracks. At least for now, the Recently Updated category will take you to the entries I have updated.