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Health Insurance

This is a subject of much concern for global travelers. At one end of the extreme, maintaining our full US coverage is insanely expensive. At the other end, ie not having any (sometimes called “self-insurance”) leaves us exposed to major financial expense should we have a serious medical problem sometime in the future.

Our general […]

MPPT successfully tested

Although the fourth solar panel has yet to arrive we were able to successfully test the MPPT (which arrived yesterday) with the three panels we had. We linked the MPPT to a spare batter and a small inverter/lamp for a load. Click for pic. We were limited by the maximum fuse I could get in […]

Three Solar Panels Arrived Today

Three out of the four solar panels arrived today. I was able to visually inspect them and verify they produce a voltage when pointed at a cloudy sky. I’m hoping the remaining panel and the charge controller will arrived before the weekend so I can do a full end to end test. This is will […]


This past weekend saw us buying up the tools needed to keep us on top of things on Dignity. In many cases we already had older versions but just the one. Having the right tools at hand can be a critical safety factor and given that the sea rarely hands back lost tools redundancy is […]

Testing & packing ….

This morning I successfull tested the Garmin 18HD radar. The chartplotter and radar are now packed ready for storage. I’ve also tested our old 7.5hp outboard prior to selling it on eBay. Helen’s been busy packing away some of our old china. She’s also progressing through the task of selling off a load of our […]