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Sam has a home

Got another call from Sam today. After yesterday I wondered if it would be more bad news. Turned out he was quite excited by the fact he had found somewhere he felt acceptable and had a possibility of getting. He had a few questions to ask me to help him decide on the place which […]

Another detail to attend to

I got a phone call from Sam this afternoon. He had been rear ended while waiting for a gap in traffic at a junction. The main news was that he and his passengers are ok. The rear of his car is all smashed in and he can’t open the boot/trunk. Fortunately all the lights work […]

5 days on

It’s now 5 days since we sold and left our home. The strange thing is that none of us so far miss it. I certainly believed that at some point some form of separation would be felt by now.

Looking back, the exit started a long time ago. Putting the house on the market in […]

Wanna buy a car?

With a lot of help from John we got my car prepared for sale today. It is now listed on AutoTrader. Know anyone interested?


We’re now officialy homeless. We thought we had left ourselves little to do but we were busy from 6am when we woke up until 10:30am when the new owners arrived for their walkthough. We briefly met them – they’re a nice couple and they had parents with them. It was a bit emotional leaving our […]