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Back in NJ

We’re all safely back in NJ. Ben and Sam have been dropped off in New Brunswick and we’re back to staying with our friends Anne and John (our debt to them accumulates).

We actually stayed last night back in Sam’s place where this trip all started. During our absence his house mates all changed. We […]


We spent our final day in Arizona in an old mining town called Jerome. At the beginning of the last century it was a very prosperous town producing copper, zinc, silver and gold in large quantities. The industry has practically gone and the towns population dwindled. Now it is a protected historical interest. Being perched […]

In & Out

Sorry for the short message last time but we’ve been largely out of contact since then.

Big, big thanks to Liam & Jo for their fantastic instruction over 10 days. As mentioned, the entire class passed. After we were let out about a dozen of us headed into Flagstaff where we had a Thai lunch. […]

WFR Results

The entire class passed. We’re off to lunch.

WFR Training Complete

The training is complete but it’s not yet over. Today, all we have left is our 100 question multiple choice exam to take as well as a practical test involving a mock patient. Last night we all spent time revising our materials before going out for a curry. After dinner we packed our rucksacks ready […]