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Closing in on closing

The lawyers are telling us we should be closing on our investment property on Monday or Tuesday next week. We have mapped out our project plan for the work we need to do ourselves once we take ownership. We have a lot to do. We will probably have to work solid for two weeks.

Somewhere […]

Motel Living

Right now we’ve parked ourselves in the Rodeway Inn in Rahway, NJ. Basically it’s a low cost motel right off route 1. We’re here until we close on our investment property which looks to be going through next week. We have some access to the place so we can plan our efforts once we take […]

Back in the USA

It’s now 4am and I’ve been awake for an hour. That means we’re back in the USA and I’m struggling to deal with the timezone change.

The UK trip was great. Big thanks to all those who put us up and gave us a bed to sleep in and for all your hospitality. Thanks also […]

Another map

Here is a more high level map showing our rough idea for the first few years of our travels. Just a rough guide. The detail, and adjustments, will emerge as we approach each section.

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Lazy Day

Finally we’re having a day of rest – appropriately a Sunday.

On Friday we drove over to visit Helen’s sister Lois who lives in Stevenage. In the afternoon we paid a visit to the cemetery where their parents and brother rest and on the way back we went for a pleasant walk in the countryside. […]