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One thing I meant to report on (but didn’t cos of the rush to get the ribs and chicken) was the results of the G2 upgrade to the hybrid system. Until now all we had were the reports from other owners that the upgrade was good. Well – what a difference. Dignity glided out on […]

Test Sail

As intended we took Dignity out for a test sail today. This was after a somewhat slow start to the day as we unpacked and stowed our belongings. How we’re going to fit the stuff we shipped I’ve no idea. A problem for another day.

I could find only one issue with Dignity on the […]

We made it

We’re finally here. We’re aboard Dignity. In fact we arrived about 10:30 last night. There was a bottle of champagne but no note so we are wondering who it’s from. This was placed in the fridge. We dropped our bags and made for the bar which was, unsurprisingly, shut. So we went back to the […]

Wind Forecast

I’ve been looking on and off at the wind forecast for the BVIs for the last 18 months to get a feel of things. Now it’s for real. These predictions now span the time period we expect to be crossing to St Martin. I will consult with locals in the BVIs but from what I […]

First stop

With some help from a contact we have in St Martin we have decided that we will sail to the French side. We had been worrying that we’d run into difficulties if we checked into the French side and when my parents arrive mid-Nov on the Dutch side we’d subsequently run into difficulties when leaving […]