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Made it to St Kitts

Trip time was 11 hours. Winds a little lighter than predicted and had clocked around close to the East. We had the code zero up for about a third of the way. Regen topped up house batteries and filled our water tanks. Checking into customs involved balance walking across rusted girders over water. But we’re […]

A night to remember

Thanksgiving 2008 will be one to remember. Pat, Tom, Jim and Anne all showed up around 3pm with homemade food and wine. Pat and Tom brought a family recipe corn bread and green bean dish. Jim and Anne brought pumpkin pie and another desert they called gunge but tasted far from it. They also brought […]

Happy Thanksgiving

To all that celebrate Thanksgiving our wishes go out to you. Have a great time with your families.

We’re going to move back into the Lagoon under the 8:15 bridge opening then do some shopping. This afternoon we’re having Pat and Tom from s/v Lone Star and Jim and Anne from s/v Bees Knees over […]

Marine Head Fixed

In the spirit of Monty Python, I’ll say no more.

Bin Sailin’

Monday night we walked around Marigot looking for a suitable place to eat for Mum’s Birthday. In the end we opted for The Village in Marina Royale. Very pleasant food and delicious desert.

Tuesday we went sailing. Finally. At 8am we weighed anchor and hustled over to the canal where we waited for the bridge […]