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A Jolly Happy New Year to one and all

Last night the winds never built high enough to sail more than 3 knots in any direction so we motor sailed. According to plan then meant we went direct to Antigua where we headed to Jolly Harbour to check in.

Fortunately the customs, immigration & port authorities were right next to each other in a […]

All at sea

This morning we exited Simpson Lagoon through the 8:15 bridge opening on the French side. We waited outside for a final top off of cheap St Martin fuel following some o/n charging performed by Scott. We also filled the dinghy tank and a spare gas tank. Then it was back to Marigot Bay where we […]

One adventure ends, another begins

The big confession is that what’s really pinned us to St Martin for the last two weeks has been issues with our battery chargers. Initial response from Lagoon was pretty good. From the encouragement of our vendor, CatCo, they sent two new chargers (port and starboard) to St Martin. Not so good, the method of […]

Dinghies and Planes

Today the combined inhabitants of Godiva, Bees Knees and Dignity all headed off into the lagoon in our dinghies to the Dutch side to walk Simpson Bay beach. As we had more crew our lot were distributed around the group. As ever, our dinghy was slowest – no idea why. Another thing to figure out […]

Boxing Day and on

Boxing Day (ie the day after Xmas) involved a trip into Marigot for the kids. They all walked from the road near where we are anchored. They wandered around the town and climbed up to the fort and saw the view. On the way back John didn’t feel too well so they requested a pick […]