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Pigeon Beach

Well – that’s what I’m calling it. It doesn’t have a name on any map I have but it’s there so I’m giving it a name.

Helen and I went ashore around 3pm to take a look about. The bay has a small beach with dark sand – a reminder that Souffriere, the active volcano, […]

Au Revoir Deshaies

This morning we left Deshaies. Before leaving we went ashore one last time to take some pictures of the cemetery and bay as well as to pick up some provisions.

Our first stop was Pigeon Island. Getting there was a bit slow as the winds were very variable owing to the mountainous […]

Slow Day

We didn’t do too much today. The biggest excitement was a bit of snorkeling / diving on the nearby reef. Loads of fish and colourful coral.

The winds have been pretty weird today. Until now we’ve been in a bit of a wind funnel as per the guidebook. Today the winds in the bay have […]

Grande Anse

This morning we walked to Grande Anse. The route we took took us over the top of the 600 foot hill immediately to our north. On the way we were able to find a geocache the first we’ve looked for for 18 months. The cache was place close to the top of the hill where […]

Deshaies River & Evening Out

We decided the weather looked ok to go and hike the river. The guidebook said it would be an hour or two of rock hopping before we reached a road that would take us back to town. Usually we cover the distances in half the time the guidebooks say so when we’d been rock hopping […]