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Antigua / Guadeloupe Tracks

Have a google at these – it’s our tracks around Antigua and Guadeloupe. I have coloured the antigua track by week so as not to confuse the points where our path crossed over itself.

Antigua View Larger Map

Guadeloupe View Larger Map

Boat Day

Today was mainly a boat day for us. First order of the day I went ashore and took the hire car back. One the back I found a shop with fishing supplies and bought the remaining pieces I need for my hand trolling line. Back on the boat I made up my hand reel and […]

Waterfalls, Sulphur and Provisioning – a day out with friends

Yesterday was our car hire day. Jo and George from Sutton Ho had agreed to go in with us so we had good company throughout the day.

We left the boat just before 8 and picked up Jo and George. We dinghied ashore to await the car hire chap who was supposed to drop of […]


Day 2 of the carnival wasn’t a great deal to write about. We went along to see things in Portsmouth around 3pm and found it much the same as before. We stayed in for the evening.

Today we went to customs to extend our stay and then took a walk around Ross University, an American […]


Last night we went to the Sunday Night Beach Barbecue at Big Papas. This is run by the boat boys and the proceeds fund the security service – all round a good thing. For our $20 each we had a meal and a number of rum punches. Quite a few cruisers were there so we […]