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Tax prep is done and sent off this morning. Yippee. So we left Rodney Bay for a bit. We still may need to come back for a chip upgrade but we have time. We had a short sail down the coast to Marigot where we’ll stay a night or two. On the way I was […]

This is cool

Internet connection from the mast is so good I’m blogging this directly while sailing down the coast.

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Plodding onwards

Another half day of trawling through bank records to figure out what was what. This time around everything is compounded by the fact that last year was probably the most complicated of our lives. That generated transactions we need to make sure are correctly understood. It also meant, as a result of all the other […]

Genset Maintenance

Not had to do any in the last few days and I should be a way off my second round. But here’s a link to a fellow Lagoon 420 owners record of genset maintenance. Hope you find it as funny as I did.

Loathing the paperwork

I feel like I’ve been at it all day. I practically have, with the exception of going out shopping for bits and pieces for future chores. Helen managed to do some sealing to prevent some long term damage to woodwork. We did look for a replacement wireless router here but found them to be over […]