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Fun in the Cays

We had a great time yesterday. The day started with some serious relaxing and not doing much bar read our books and marvel at where we are. The tidal range here is less than 2 feet but it makes a lot of difference. At 7am yesterday morning we had the high, high tide of the […]

Tobago Cays

Well – our little piece of isolated heaven turned a little bumpy. After lunch and a rest we went snorkeling and within minutes of being in the water the chop picked up and we found more than the usal amount of seawater making it’s way into our tubes. The sand and reef was pretty bare […]

Arrived safely at a little patch of heaven

Good sail from Mustique to Worlds End Reef although not with incident. When raising the mainsail the electric winch got stuck on so there was a moment of frantic breaker switching to prevent further issues. More excitingly we caught two, get that, two fish on the way down. Ok – so they were both barracuda […]

Mustique – North End

We decided we’d see more if we walked rather than biked. So for our last full day here we trundled ashore and went by foot.

We did indeed see more than perhaps we might. We found an interesting tortoise monument, a pretty library/primary school, a memorial (including a plaque for Princess Margaret), a bamboo […]

Mustique Bicycle Ride

The morning started with my extracting the two folding bicycles from their storage and preparing them as they had never been used nor unwrapped before. In doing so I thought it would be a good idea to oil the moving parts to keep them working well and stave off the effects of salt in the […]