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Grenada Hash 2

Saturday morning was the shopping trip. We first dinghied ashore and walked around to New York Bagels only to find them closed on Saturdays. We kept on up to the main road where a bus had spotted us and was waiting, the conductor out on the street to hurry us on. We alighted at FoodFair […]

Pics from NJ

Here are the pics we took while at Anne & Johns in NJ.

Work Complete & Seven Sisters

Scott has finished the work aboard Dignity. In performing the upgrade he discovered some arcing on the 72V cables and to be on the safe side replaced the area where the heat had built up. This involved several trips to local stores to hire and pick up gear. Friday was supposed to be Scott’s day […]

Happy Birthday and Au Revoir Anne

Yesterday evening we were invited out for dinner at De Big Fish by Jim for an early celebration of Anne’s birthday and to officially say goodbye as she’s off to Maine on Saturday morning. Devi and Hunter from Arctic Tern were there too. We had good food and a surprise cake. As ever, the company […]


Back into the old routine today of fixing things in exotic places. In this case we have Scott from CatCo aboard giving Dignity a full checkout alongside doing the chip upgrade. As part of this we moved Dignity yesterday onto the dock at Prickly Bay Marina and plugged in to charge up everything. We were […]