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Well – we finally managed to find a restaurant that was open. In fact, it was the one we had first thought of visiting for our anniversary – the Gingerbread restaurant here in Bequia.

No surprises. We both had a curry. The meal was pleasant enough and we had the place to ourselves. Desert […]

Petit Byahaut

Soon after the cruisers net this morning we moved Dignity around the corner to Petit Byahaut. The water here was crystal clear. Having put out the washing done earlier while testing the genset we put on our snorkeling gear and swam ashore to check things out. The water was abundant with life including hundreds of […]

A little more detail

Ok – so I took the privilege of not writing too much yesterday. It was my birthday after all. This blog is for my own future reference so lest I forget, here’s a little more detail on the last couple of days.

On Saturday, after our trip to Montreal Gardens, we decided to go […]

Buccament Bay

Very briefly – more details tomorrow. Last night we went ashore on Young Island to look around and have cocktails. Met a nice couple who were staying there – Sandy and Tom. Agreed to go sailing all together today. Sailed to Bequia, dove on the reef and sailed back to Buccament Bay, St Vincent, where […]

Montreal Gardens

This country of St Vincent continues to astound us.

Today’s mission was to visit Montreal Gardens nestled high up in the Mesopotamia Valley. There was no direct bus there but from our visit to the Ministry of Tourism earlier this week we knew a bus from Kingstown would get us close with only a […]