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Limbering up

Yesterday morning I decided to remeasure everything and get my plans straight in my mind in terms of what I need to do with the batteries. I discovered, much to my regret, that the house bank battery boxes are tapered top to bottom. While the top of the battery boxes are big enough to fit […]

Batteries Aboard

Boat still floats.

Off for a beer.

Wet, wet, wet

We were told it would be hot and dry down here in Trinidad at this time of year. We’re not seeing that.

Yesterday our ‘mission’ was to tour the Chaguaramas area and look at all the stores and services finding the best places to buy the things on our list. We left around 9am and […]

Arrived in Chaguaramas, Trinidad

We left as planned at 9pm last night. It was a bit disconcerting leaving in the pitch dark. Even though we had our route out plotted it was something else following it out trusting our planning not to put us on a reef. We came quite close to a green marker buoy we didn’t realize […]

Getting ready to go

Sunday was a wash. It rained mostly. We stayed aboard and read.

Today we’ve been a bit more busy. Having checked the weather forecast and saying our farewells on the the cruiser net we dinghied into Woburn then took the bus into town to clear out of the country and to buy some final food. […]