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Pacific Planning

I recently got my hands on a couple of cruising/information books for islands in the Pacific “Landfalls of Paradise” by Earl R Hinz and “South Pacific” by David Stanley. They were FedExd to us here in the Uk by Jess, Ben’s girlfriend. They should have been sent down to Grenada with all our other stuff […]

New Carnival Pic

We just received this nice pic from the Carnival Parade Jim took of Helen standing on her post between two Commencharo wings. Thought it was good enough to show.


We’re now in the Uk. Yesterday, Jackie picked us up from the boatyard and took us to the airport. In exchange for this favour we bagged up all the spare food from our fridge (now turned off) and brought it into the car for Mike and Jackie to finish off. Unfortunately, once left at the […]


We’re getting good at sweating. We get lots of practice. By 10am it’s running off us in streams.

We are gradually getting things done but we’re not rushing. We have discovered a little section that requires some repair work done and that will take a while. The painting won’t start for a few days so […]

On the hard

We’re on the hard now. The exercise began around 9am and by 11am we were in position having been scraped and power washed. Now we’re waiting on electricity hook up and full water connection.

Internet connection is patchy at best but we can get posts out from time to time.

As expected – it’s pretty […]