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One Year On

This week is the one year anniversary of Steve and I moving aboard Dignity and starting our travels. I have been asked to write a blog on my perspective of the past year and whether or not our dreams have lived up to our expectation. Well I can certainly say that the reality has exceeded […]

First Splash in Bonaire

Our first order of the day on Friday was to take our tanks to the nearby dive outlet to leave them to have their hydrostatic test performed and to obtain our tags/induction. To our surprise, the woman performing our induction, Caroline, we instantly recognised as our dive master in the BVIs back in July 2007. […]


As planned we left the Aves before 7am. The wind, again, was right behind us so we rigged and flew the Code Zero right from the beginning. As we rounded the southern tip of Bonaire we did a pretty good job of furling it, turning the boat into wind, raising the main, turning north and […]

Aves de Sotovento

The big question we’ve kept asking ourselves recently is whether or not we should rest up a day or two or press on to Bonaire and extend our stay in the ABCs. The weather forecasts have been a strong influence on us in this respect. Ironically, had we had more time we would certainly hang […]

Fishing success

We decided to move. Threw out two lines. Caught a 5lb barracuda which we prepared ready for a few dinners. Decided to reel the lines in and found a 6lb blackfin tuna. Prepared that too. Tuna steaks tonight. Detail tomorrow.

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