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Sunday was another of those days where we really didn’t do much. We did go out for a little exploration in the dinghy but we didn’t go too far because the motor was losing it’s rhythm. Not quite sure why but I suspect something to do with the fuel line. I need to keep an […]

Isla Grande

When we awoke Saturday morning, the winds in Cienaga de Cholon had died away to nothing. It was flat and still. A general invite had been put out to join everyone aboard one of the larger vessels at 4pm. We were attracted to this but decided, in the end, to leave the bay and explore […]

Cienaga de Cholon

During the morning net I made my request for charts and was informed that the Club Nautica marina office had some. Hoping they might be around I dinghied over as soon as the net closed. Unfortunately, noone who could help me was present so I returned to Dignity and made another general request. This time, […]


The morning started with us heading ashore so that Helen could take a taxi to the dentist and I could meet the stainless steel guy. Helen had a temporary crown put in in South Africa and Colombia is by far the best place (high quality, low cost) to get a proper one done. Helen left […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving so we’re getting our US passports out and joining our US compadres for Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully the weather today won’t be the wash out it was yesterday as the restaurant we’re going to is half open air.