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Green Island

Wednesday morning Helen, John and I went ashore in Nagana to find some fresh food. On the morning SSB net we had heard some folks say they couldn’t find much in Nagana but we felt it worth a try. The wind was up and we got soaked getting to the island.

Having been there before […]

Diablo River

After a week on islands it was time for our first mainland trek in Panama. Having made dough the night before, Helen baked some bread rolls for lunch and we packed three bags with food, water, soda, towels, cameras, etc.

I had used the chart in our guide to waypoint the mouth of the Diablo […]


We woke Monday morning to gray skies. The weather forecast given on the morning net suggested squalls were on their way so we decided to move the boat early. We had around 10 knots of wind but as it was right behind us we decided to motor the 6nm or so to Nagana so we […]


Sunday really was a bit of a slow day. Late morning all of us bar Helen went snorkeling out on the reef. It was quite choppy but it turned out interesting. Sam and I saw a nurse shark early on. Later, Annie pointed out there was a large fish in a cave. I looked down […]

Coco Bandero Cays

Our final morning at the Swimming Pool turned out to be a little busy. I popped over to Curious to talk to Steve and Trish about a river tour they had organized. We want to do something similar and want to get info on the various options. Another possibility is a tour up the Diablo […]