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Up the river

Yet another attempt at snorkeling yesterday and yet again, terrible visibility. I tried a few locations – all the same. On the way back I picked up John and we went ashore just after low tied to mess around on the sand where the river comes out. While there we met John from Taee. Turns […]

Rio Cacique

Helen and I started the day with a swim around the rocks at low water. The visibility was terrible so this didn’t last long and if there were battalions of lobsters all waiting there, I certainly could not see them. At times, I couldn’t even see the end of my spear gun.

We decided to […]

Moving on – Isla Canas

John and I headed off in the dinghy shortly after low tide to see if we could find a few lobsters. This time the visibility was terrible. Wondering if it was a combination of low light and being too close to low tide we decided to head back and come back later. The wind had […]

Could we ever get bored?

Some days I wonder if we’ll ever get bored of this. You tell me.

First order of the day was to move our spare chain from a locker near the front of the boat to one near the rear. Since we loaded on all our supplies and spare diesel Dignity has been looking a little […]

San Miguel/Punta Matadero, Isla Del Rey

Having found nothing in the village on Isla Casayeta we decided to visit San Miguel, the largest settlement in the Islas Perlas. With the winds above 15 knots we had a brisk sail down to Isla Del Rey where we anchored in the lee of a couple of small islands. It was quite choppy so […]