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A short walk in the park

Getting up Saturday morning was not a hurried affair. We were due to meet Jason at 9am so we went about our own things for a while. Around 8:30am we went ashore. The tide was right out so the rocky bank we had previously chained the dinghy too offered no opportunities for a repeat. I […]

Another day in Quepos

Still in our bumpy anchorage the weather has turned a little grey. Two evenings ago we did an evening wash and took the rare opportunity to run the air cons on the boat, principally to drive the moisture out but we enjoyed the coolness all the same. As we had all the doors and windows […]


The motor up to Quepos was uneventful. We caught a fish along the way but that’s hardly news these days. We are, however, looking forward to Ben’s visit in two weeks as a couple of the items he is bringing are books to help us identify the fish we’re catching and which ones are good […]


John and I, being keen to make up for the previous days missed dive, headed out in the dinghy to survey the nearby rocky outcrop to see if we could find a suitable dive spot. After some searching we found an area where the rocks came to the surface where fish congregated although it was […]

Isla del Cano

We left Bahia Drake in good time arriving at Isla del Cano shortly after 9am. We took the dinghy ashore to the ranger station to pay our park fees and learn about which dive sites we could explore. Disappointingly we learned we were not allowed to dive without a local guide but we were allowed […]