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John: Day 5

Today has been plodding along…. by 3pm we had hardly covered any ground.

A 3rd bird joined us and increased the entertainment value by a whole lot. They would be sitting there quietly and suddenly one would get too close to the others and a big fight for position would occur. Lots of flying around, […]

Helen: Day 4 & 5

I couldn’t do much on day four. The water was choppy and we were pounding into the wind most of the day. Concentrating on anything like reading or writing made me feel nauseous. When not on watch or preparing food, I just slept.

Today the choppy water has died down and so has my nausea […]

Steve: Day 5

The only things to report, in terms of events for day 5, are that the 2 birds that alighted overnight turned into three by morning (and are still with us now). Despite having the four trolling lines out with different lures on each day we have still caught no fish with the exception of a […]

John: Day 4

No much happening…… motoring South into wind and waves, in the hope that the wind will shift in our favor.

Very choppy, boat banging and crashing into the waves… not the most comfortable ride we’ve had.

We have been joined by 2 more sea birds, this time they are just hanging out front crapping on […]

Steve: Day 4

Night shift: passed a fishing boat about 300 feet to our port.

Rest of day: Left doldrums around 6am. Southern trades should be coming from SE. That would give us a nice run to the Galapagos. Downloaded GRIB files suggested wind would come from W. Wind initially came from SSE so we abandonded our previous […]