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Helen: Day 18

During the night, the wind picked up, not by much, but enough to sail at around 4 to 5 knots. I thought it was quite pleasant, the boys though it was too slow and sedate. Steve feels that for days he’s been expecting landfall in three of four days. While on my morning watch, I […]

Steve: Day 18

383nm to go. Just over 100nm closer in one day. Better than the day before but still in the zone where we would have been doing better with the big sail. For a while I contemplated getting it out again but my memory reminded me of the scale of the job so I didn’t go […]

John: Day 18

This was one of the possible land fall dates, when we were going fast.

When we were doing 8,9-10 knots, ok for 24 hours a day, we were getting a bit bashed about, had sleep deprivation, constant 90 decibel roar of the sea, which is very close to white noise.

Add an orange jumpsuit, oversized […]

Helen: Day 17

Too little wind is almost as bad as too much wind. Today we had too little. With not enough wind to glide us over the waves and hold the main sail steady, the boat bobbed uncomfortably side to side on the waves, the main sail and boom banged and flapped around. We may have averaged […]

Steve: Day 17

490nm to go. That says it all. Although our path through the water was a little longer we’re only 86nm closer to our destination than 24 hours ago. We were hoping for boat speeds over 5 knots. We ended up hoping for 3 by end of day. The winds ended up very light. What little […]