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Kauehi, Tuamotus, day 2

In the morning I ran the net we started which has attracted quite a few boats now. We heard from a few more of our friends and it seems more and more people are heading this way. We’d heard that the most popular destination for cruisers was Ahe so we chose to come down here […]

Kauehi, Tuamotus

I was awoken by John at 5am for my regular shift. He had experienced some squalls during his shift and from the radar we still had some around us. Just what we wanted as we approached land.

In the light of the full moon I could just make out a line on the horizon – […]

En route to the Tuamotus – day 3

This is the last full day of our passage to Kauehi in the Tuamotus. One could say we’re already in the Tuamotus as around sunset we were no more than 13nm away from Tikei. This is a tiny splash of an island which was impossible to see at that distance. Our expected arrival time at […]

En route to the Tuamotus – day 2

Another one of those same day at sea days today. One bite on the fishing lines which triggered the nut alarm. Nothing on the end of the line though. Absolutely nothing. Lure, weight, leader, swivel and clip all gone. Put on another set but nothing else for the rest of the day.

On the morning […]

En route to the Tuamotus – day 1

Our skewed luck with fishing continues. Just before dawn I put two lines out. That’s all we do these days as when we have four out we often get tangles. Within an hour one nut dropped then the other. The first line was loose but the second was quite tight. Something was on it. With […]